How I was able to garner a 72% Acceptance Rate and a 34% Engagement Reply Rate 
Use Case - Through LinkedIn  

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1.) identified a significant influencer in my target market – In this Use Case it was Gary Vaynerchuk 

2.) Found a post with significant engagement and relates to my “offer”, so I knew the audience would include, motivated and forward-thinking people.

3.) Copied the URL

Found here: 

4.) I was then able to generate a list of everyone who liked and posted on this Gary V post.

Creating a List to message via LinkedIn Messenger (called a Campaign)

Here is a partial view of the list. (sample of 3 of all contacts who liked or commented)

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But  Why does this work so well for engagement?

I’ve attributed it to 3 main things – 

1.)    By liking or posting on a post, the person is engaged currently on LinkedIn

2.)    We share something in common – instant rapport is established

3.)    I’m not trying to sell them anything

All three combined are POWERFUL…..

Although - As a result of this campaign, it has resulted in several new relationships, demos and sales. 

PS. One Request - you have to find your own “influencer”! Gary V is mine… ; ) 

Michael Vallee