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       Do you and your team have enough exclusive leads to call on "in-market" buyers? If not, let's resolve that, to keep your team focused on what matters - Set up a complimentary quick discovery call at http://timewithmichael.com 

For today's busy Sales professional, the greatest challenge is time...that's right..there's always more money, more customers, more expenses..but the one thing we can't fabricate is TIME. 

Having been on the Sales "Front Lines" for 20+ years and been awarded several "New Business Generation" accolades, it is something that I have a "knack" for. About 2 years ago, I was in a high profile corporate sales role, where I could see that that it took more to achieve the same results. Having always been a hard worker, I was running myself ragged, trying to keep up with the activity it took to be successful in my role. 

I noticed that LinkedIn was a way that I was able to get to decision makers, but it was chewing up most of my day, trying to keep up. So, I did tireless research for better process, leverage, and ways to enhance my productivity. 

Well, I found them! [I went from 2 appointments per week to 2 per day!]

This is when I knew that I was on to something...and it was so powerful, I left behind my role to pursue assisting other B2B, Sales, Business Development Colleagues do the same thing. 

The results have been amazing and it is very fulfilling helping other salespeople and teams - get "unstuck" from their traditional methods of lead generation. 

The "KEY" is to be in front of as many "in-market" buyers of your product or service as possible..it's not about the calls you make, it's about the problems you can solve. 

So, if you are looking for a "better way" - I'd be glad to share with you what I've uncovered.

Look forward to meeting with you to provide your business with a competitive advantage!


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